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DYNACO ST70 ( 다이나코 알텍이라서 더..꼼꼼하게!! ) Because Altec more.. Meticulously

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스테레오 STREO 70
마크 MARK 3

진공관 TUBE
서장원 : 좋은말씀감사합니다.! 태안에서 서장원 인사드립니다.
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Dahua 2MP pinhole IP Camera IPC-HUM8230 Main Unit and Unit L1 and L3 optional


Ali Abdallah : Can i connect the pinhole dahua camera to a Dahua nvr i have 5 pinhole IPC-HUM8431-L4 i want to connect them to a Dahua nvr
Fred B : Has the recorder a continues recording option and a time stamp option, since it is not mentioned in the specs. And what is the recording duration at 1080p on a 256 GB SD?
Daniel RG : Hi! Nice video! Do you know how do a default reset to the camera? Forgot password of mine and reset button does not do factory reset...
Michel Varglid : Can you connect it directly to the nvr or do you have to use 12 adapter then connect it directly?
Salvatore Brigaglia : thanks for the video but the background music??? Useless and too loud! I can barely hear what you say.

Getting Started with the Tic Stepper Motor Controller from Pololu

Getting up and running with your Tic stepper motor controller from Pololu is easy. This video will guide you through the basic steps to connect your Tic to its software and control a stepper motor from your computer.

Products featured in this video:
* Tic Stepper Motor Controllers: https://www.pololu.com/tic
* Stepper Motor, NEMA 17, 2.8V, 1.7A: https://www.pololu.com/product/2267
* JST connector: https://www.pololu.com/product/2181

Share your projects on our forum: https://forum.pololu.com/c/robotics-and-electronics-general-discussion/share-your-projects

Follow us on:
* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PololuRobotics/
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/pololu
* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pololurobotics/
* Google+: https://plus.google.com/+pololu
Alex Constantin : Can the controller receive commands from a device located over the internet?
Alireza Parsa :
Zhang Haitao : It‘s wonderful! Hope scripting function be available asap.
Ore Ste : Hi. How can You Connect endstops? Thank you




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