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The Van

The third installment of Irish author Roddy Doyle's 'Barrytown Trilogy', following 'The Commitments' and 'The Snapper', depicts the hilarious yet poignant adventures of Bimbo. Upon being fired from his job at the bakery, Bimbo and his best mate go into business for themselves and purchase a chipper (a fish and chips van); but will the pressures of financial success sour their friendship forever?
In November 1989, in Ireland, the baker Bimbo is fired from his job and he does not feel comfortable with the situation. His best friend Larry, who is also unemployed and living with his low welfare with his wife Mary and their children, is resigned with his situation and tries to console his friend. But Bimbo is supported by his wife Maggie and decides to buy an abandoned van without engine in a junkyard to open a business of hamburger, French fries and fried codfish and invites Larry to work with him. Soon they have financial success but their friendship is compromised.
Jeannie Campbell : Loved it .
OmnipresntGaming : lezzers
Paw X Paw : Find yourself out of work or some other unfortunate situation beyond your control and see how long herself sticks with you? Lucky they managed to get the wheels unseized..
I’m Spartacus No I’m Spartacus : Was this filmed in early 2020 or is it those step haircuts and shell suits on the youths are still fashionable in Ireland? Love from England
Grand Funk : The 1990s was the best decade for movies. I miss that decade

The Van (1977)

Introduction of the 'Straight Arrow'.\r
Bobby (Stuey Goetz) almost shits his flared trousers when he picks up his ridiculously fucking huge custom Dodge van, the Straight Arrow. Driving ensues.
femaleonthecreek : Hey, the original 1970s serial killer van!
Fixit Mann : Bobby planned on buying a Chevy, hence the title of the song. Then he found the Dodge, and.. hey whatever.
Scottie Dance2dabeats : Look how fat and angry people were then. Oh wait, that's today. Time machine anyone? ✌
Anonymous User : Just about creamed his bell bottom pantaloons
Jack Burton : Always wanted to get a van "when I grow up" as a kid... but all I think of now is poor shirley lynette ledford. Hard to want anything to do with them after finding out about that evil.

The Van (1977) - Attending a van show

A cool van show.
Roger Gustafsson : And until this day there's funky vans littering garages and junkyards. The seventies.
Toy Insanity : 2:05 I need this
rextrek : I remember my dad took us kids to the DRIVE IN to see this and the Boston Strangler… I was17
tonycornflakes : When I was 10 years old we had art class,and I made a ceramic "Straight Arrow" van. My teacher had no idea what it was. (I snuck up late at night,and watched this movie on "The Movie Channel".)
Jeff Allen : @1:58- even the brothers were down with vanning.


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